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Afternoon to a Team in a Million!!

Thank you for a GREAT product, the tablets are incredible, it renews, heals and I can trust it!

I had knee surgery in 2016 (arthroscopy), at that stage I had no pain, just swelling, after surgery my knee was ok until last year it started swelling again, it was stiff, I couldn’t do stairs and I had a lot of pain, especially at night time.

I became withdrawn and very worried about my situation – being the young, jolly 48-year old😉 I had to quit running, driving, hiking and dancing. 

Here follows my journey to using your product; a month ago I went to a pharmacy to get something for my sinus, it was drizzling, I was limping, my knee was stiff and paining, the assistant asked me if I’ve heard of this product, I was very sceptical and I thought aaghhh just another pain killer yaaawn, boy o boy was I wrong??!!!  I walked out of the pharmacy, with two tablets in the hand with a bottle of water; gee wizz, I still remember her last words, ” it really works…”

Words I don’t have to describe the uplifting feeling it gives me, I have no pain, the stiffness is gone, I take two tablets in the morning and it lasts until and after I am in dreamland!!!

On top of it, it is 

VERY affordable!! I started driving again, it is still a bit sore after a very long drive but it’s ok for me, I’m doing long walks nowadays, hiking I’ll try later in the year but I’ve danced at a party the other night, the next morning I felt so fine, no pain, no stiffness, thanks to THRESHHold.

I feel my amazingly “young” again👌😊

Love, Peace and Joy!


My performance during training is on another level. I feel no pain on my joints and muscles.

I feel no inflammation on my legs during hard sessions. I am happy to use this product because it does not have side effects and can last longer.

Nkosikhona Mhlakwana

2018 Deloitte Challenge Winner 42KM

My mum is currently living with Rheumatoid Arthritis. She was diagnosed with this disease in 2005.

On the medical advice that was given at that time, my mum began taking a combination of 6 medicines. My mum continued to take the medication and with little satisfaction. The medication did very little to help my mum’s situation and my mum spent most of the day in bed as she was immobile. we tried different specialists and we were still unsatisfied with the advice and medication which was prescribed. Literally my mum and my family members lost hope as we were under the impression nothing could make my mom jovial and mobile.

In the year 2010 my mum listened to your show on radio and was intrigued by the advice & product recommended: THRESHHold® Real MSM. My mum was intrigued and very keen to try out this product. We purchased a box of THREShHold® and my mum started to take it based on the advice given on the radio. My mum stopped taking the prescribed medication completely. She believes THRESHHold® was the answer to her Rheumatoid Arthritis. Within a 3 month period my mum’s condition had improved immensely and what a turn around!!! She was mobile, she was smiling, she was in her pretty little flower garden once again after many years. As my mum believed then and now THRESHHold® would change her life and it did. She was so excited about her joyous return to mobility that she even got her friends and family members to switch to THRESHHold®. From then onward my mum continued taking THRESHHold® and she is still smiling and happy as before.

A special and heart warming THANK YOU to THRESHHold® for changing our lives and my mum’s life for the better and forever.

Aayush Harakraj

My husband struggled terribly with his hands, as they had started to clench. It was terribly painful for him, so I called the SANP help line, which suggested that I get the THRESHHold Real MSM pills and gel. Not even 3 weeks later, he reported that his hands were feeling much better! At the same time my mother started to struggle with her hands, ankles and hip. She is a very busy lady and is already on pension, but has her own catering business on the side to supplement her income. The pain started to affect her ability to work, so I bought THRESHHold Real MSM for her to try. It’s now been three weeks since she started using it, and she is astounded to be waking up with no pain whatsoever! THRESHHold Real MSM really helped my family!


I took my first two tablets this morning and they have kpet me pain free the whole day. Up till now I have been guzzling anti-inflammatories just so I could function at work and today I did it on just two of your tablets. I pray that this will be the pattern for years to come, because I know the anti-inflammatories were starting to affect my kidneys. I see THRESHHold® Real MSM is also useful to patients with weak immune systems, which is another answer to prayer. So thank you for throwing a grateful patient a lifeline.

Winnie Nepgen

I am a 78 year old pensioner without medical aid. In May this year my back started to hurt after I went a bit overboard when I did some housework. My back was so sore that I went to the hospital to see the doctor. The doctor gave me an injection and medication but nothing helped with the incessant pain. I was listening to the radio one afternoon and heard someone talking about THRESHHold Real MSM. I immediately went to the chemist and got a bottle and started using it that very same night. I followed the instructions and within a few days I started to feel better. Today I can testify of the amazing healing!


I am a 63 year old female who has at last found the answer to my prayer!!! I am delighted to say the least, just to give you a little history. 18 months ago i was caring in the UK and had an accident – prolapsed L4 & S1 – L5. I have suffered untold agony and to add insult to injury, I have had 9 consultations (Ortho’s, Neuro, etc.) and received zero advice. Then finally had an MRI only to discover that I have severe Arthritis in my hops to boot. Lovely! After trying every conceivable OTC I felt no relief… until I was advised to take THRESHHold® Real MSM. It actually works, I can walk; not whelp in pain; climb stairs; etc. I feel like I am 40 again!

Averil Spiers

My name is Taffy and I am a 12 year old short-legged Stafford shire Bull Terrier. As I have aged, arthritis has given me a lot of pain. My owners have tried so many things to help ease the pain, but no success.

Two months ago, my owners, Ian and Pauline Stead of Durban heard your program on the radio. The topic was THRESHHold® Real MSM, and it was shared how Estie gives THRESHHold® to her doggies to help them with their problems. My owner, Pauline decided to start me on one a day. Up to six weeks ago I could hardly stand, let alone walk without collapsing.

Two weeks ago Pauline noticed that I was walking comfortably again. I took my usual afternoon walk around the house and managed to perform the ‘usual bodily functions’ on three legs! I am not able to run, but I am certainly more mobile than I have been for many months.


Taffy the Staffy

Have you experienced the benefits of THRESHHold® and would like us to publish your story? Then please contact THRESHHold® directly.