THRESHHold® Real MSM Tablets

THRESHHold® 60 Tablets
60 Tablets
THRESHHold® 120 Tablets
120 Tablets
THRESHHold® contains OptiMSM®, which is the purest and most tested MSM available. THRESHHold® is organically bonded sulphur which assists with chronic and/or exercise associated pain in the following ways
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Dosage and directions for use

Adults and adolescents 12 and over:

Joints support and relief of symptoms associated with pain, inflammation and arthritis:
3-6 tablets per day, depending on intensity and/or severity of symptoms

General maintenance and/or support:
2 tablets per day (once relief of symptom is achieved)

To promote exercise recovery and prevent post exercise soreness:
3 tablets per day

Children 6-12 years:

For arthritis, inflammatory conditions and exercise associated pain:
1 tablet daily (the tablet may be dissolved/crushed and added to water or food)