Oh that clever machine you live in!

Have you ever stopped to consider how the body is so perfectly designed? You are a walking pharmacy. Give your body the right nutrients and it knows exactly how to grow, build and repair itself. It knows to direct the calcium to build bones and teeth, utilise magnesium to treat spasms and cramps, send B vitamins to feed the nerves and utilise 26 nutrients to enable the liver to function at its best. And while it is doing all of that, you are driving your car, participating in a meeting or helping your children with their homework.

Your input and responsibility for the myriad activities your inner body undertakes every day is limited to eating correctly, getting enough rest and sleep and maintaining a healthy attitude. So do you meet that responsibility and how much attention do you pay to understanding what nutrients your body needs?

Judging by the number of people suffering from chronic joint pain, it seems many of us don’t understand the need for a mineral called sulphur or how deficient our modern diets are in this mineral that is the third most abundant mineral required by the body.

What does sulphur do? Everything from head to toe. It is part of the connective tissue in your body. This is what makes the skin strong, firm and young looking. With enough sulphur in your body you have shiny hair that grows quickly and strong nails that don’t crack, break or tear easily. Your connective tissue is what holds your teeth in your jaw and helps you clench before getting to the bathroom.  Sulphur is used to form cartilage, tendons, any tissues that move or expand. Breathe in deeply. Feel that expansion in your lungs? Sulphur enables that. Sprained your ankle or wrist and now it’s full of inflammation and sore? Sulphur is what will relieve the inflammation and reduce the pain.

Under normal circumstances – and by that we mean in the days when we ate our fruits and vegetables straight after harvest, got our milk and eggs straight from the cows and chickens, and ate chicken and beef from animals that had dined on healthy, pesticide free grass – we all had plenty of sulphur in our bodies. Then came modern farming practices and cold storage. Now animals eat grains instead of grass, our milk is pasteurised and heated, our fresh produce is kept in cold storage and our vegetables are well cooked. All of these reduce the amount of sulphur in our food.

A deficiency of sulphur is evident in skin that doesn’t heal from cuts as quickly as it should, premature ageing, dry, dull hair, nails that don’t grow as well or break easily, often feeling fatigued even with enough sleep, and especially as we age, chronic joint pain. As joints age, there is increased stress and wear on the cartilage. If we don’t have enough sulphur the inflammation that builds up in joints can’t be cleared efficiently and connective tissue isn’t repaired as well. And oh, how we feel it. Our joints get sore, stiff and inflammation increases at the site of the pain.

In order to be well, the body needs 14g of sulphur in it at any time. If it is naturally occurring yet we aren’t getting it from our diets, can we get it elsewhere? The answer is yes. Organically bonded sulphur is a readily available form of sulphur that the body can utilise effectively to satisfy its daily sulphur requirements.

Known as MSM (or methylsulfonylmethane if you dislike abbreviations) and found locally in a supplement called TheshHold, this pure distilled sulphur has been used treat tens of thousands of people around the world who suffer from chronic joint pain. Unlike pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory drugs, THRESHHold® has no side effects and can be used daily long term without any toxicity to the body. A reduction of pain is felt by most users within a matter of weeks and joint mobility improves as inflammation is reduced. If you are one of the 2 million people in South Africa who suffer from chronic pain, the solution really could be as simple as introducing more sulphur into your diet. Give the body what it needs every day and it will reward you with better health and wellbeing, that is the truth.

PS. The sulphur in THRESHHold® is not the same as the sulphites they add to wine and dried fruits to preserve it which some people have allergies to or the sulphonamides that are found in some medicine such as penicillin which is highly allergenic to some individuals. This is the same mineral sulphur that you find in broccoli, kale, cabbage, onions, garlic, eggs and poultry and the one your body requires, so you can take it without any worries.