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Sinalo Nangawuza

My love for running started with 5km runs and with pushing my limits, I found myself at the start line for my first marathon in 2015. It has been the enjoyment of running (both road and trail) and the self-achievement that I feel, not only racing but being able to push yourself physically and mentally towards a goal that I have not looked back since. I have since completed many ultra-marathons.

Running has taught that the only person who has the power to carry you to the finish line, or keep you keep you from it, is yourself. Basically, the combination of mental toughness and believing in myself means I can overcome any obstacle and challenge I am faced with.

The past year 2018 has brought me a mixture of great successes and challenges, with 2 podium finishes, finishing my 2nd Comrades, placing in top 5 in Gijimas Ultra and earning top female runner award in my club. I have since made it my mission to be a positive mentor to those who are looking to find their way and passion in sport through continued inspiration and sharing my knowledge of the sport.

My next goal is finishing the Ironman 70.3 Durban.