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Shaun Meikeljohn
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Shaun Meikeljohn

I only really started running at varsity and then it was only for the few months prior to Comrades, my first Comrades being 1982. In 1981 I qualified to run Comrades with a 3:50 marathon at the old Richmond Marathon but was knocked off my motor bike going to lectures one morning so I watched from the side-lines. Bruce Fordyce and Isavell Rosch-Kelly won that year. I was hooked after that and I didn’t even run!

My Comrades results to date is 20 silver medals and 10 gold medals with a win in 1995 in a time of 5 hours 34 minutes.

In 1994 I was the winner at the London to Brighton Marathon which is a similar distance to our own Comrades Marathon.

In 1994 (Japan) and 1995 (Holland) I finished 4th in the World 100km Championships with my best time being 6 hours 26 minutes set in Lake Saroma Japan.

I regard myself as an Ultra Marathoner, but I have managed to run under 2 hours 30 minutes for the marathon on 10 occasions with a PB of 2 hours 22 minutes.

My best times for other distances are:

  • 10 km 31:22
  • 15km 48:21
  • 21.1km 68:57
  • 32km 1hr 48mins
  • 50km 3hrs 01mins
  • 56km 3hrs 21mins

I am currently Financial Director in Pietermaritzburg and married to Julie. We have 3 children.