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Bheki Khumalo

I am Bheki Khumalo

I’m 44 years from Northern KZN. Growing up in the village I was too little to play soccer with the older boys. To occupy myself, I started running around the field. That running became a passion, I started excelling in all my school races. On hearing about Comrades, I ran from the village to Mandeni to find an athletics club to join so I could enter this marathon of marathons.

I ran my first comrades in 1996, it was also my worst Comrades. I didn’t have proper running shoes and wasn’t at all ready for the pain of that race. I finished with bleeding toes and lost all my toenails but that didn’t stop me infact it motivated me to work harder. I came back harder and stronger the following year to finish in an exceptional 6hrs15 and earned a silver medal.

Running’s taught me so much, especially discipline and commitment. I know no other life but running. It’s shown me how strong my desire to excel is. Each year I try to improve on the previous year. Unless you win Comrades, you can never stop improving or learning.