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Nqobile Phewa

I started running plus minus 4 years ago it all started after my car Accident that left me with a broken Femur on my Right leg… I used to he a soccer player, so now was stuck into choosing what’s gonna be my activity going forth from then, hence I wouldn’t be able to engage into Contact Sporting Activities again.

I had gained a lot of weight from the injury recovery time/era, was weighing more than 110kg! I therefore started jogging for weight control purposes, would be lazy some days to go out and jog, I had to have strategy to draw some motivation for going out jogging.I started registering for runs over the weekends which was inspirational enough to get me out the
house and go training.

Fast forward I started to even enter Comrades Marathon in 2016 which I afforded to complete in 11hrs 17mins my latest and third Comrades I finished in 8hrs40mins. It’s been a long journey in between these activities starting from mastering my supplements and hydration all the works, which now I wouldn’t worry much about THRESHOLD got my

I have managed to change and motivate a lot of individuals to come join and live a healthy lifestyle for different reasons from just mere weight loss to dealing with depression and substance abuse!

I am now weighing 75kg , and very much Happy with my lifestyle, let’s see what the next Comrades has in-store for Me!!!!