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Muzi Skosana

My name is Muzi Skosana, I am a qualified Personal Fitness Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor, I am an endurance and multisport athlete who competes in road running, trail running, mountain biking, road cycling, obstacle course racing, duathlons and hopefully triathlons very soon. I practically live in the gym either training people or training myself as I always need to be in good shape for the array of sporting disciplines I take part in.

I love food and traveling so running and cycling has me doing that a lot, I have taken part in a lot of races across the country and once I have cleared my bucket list of races in South Africa I would love to travel abroad for some road running as well as trail running races.

I started running in 2014 with short distance trail races because I loved being in the outdoors hiking but it was too slow for me and i got into road running when a running club was started at work in 2015, that led to more races and eventually marathons and much longer trail runs. I swore I would never run comrades marathon in my life but that was short lived and now I have trail and road races much longer than the comrades marathon on my bucket list.

I was introduced to obstacle course racing by some friends and I was hooked because it challenges you both physically and mentally unlike any other sport I take part in and I had always loved cycling and when I could afford to buy myself bikes , I cleaned out my bank account and bought myself a mountain bike and later a road bike.

Being a runner and cyclist eventually lead to me being a duathlete and hopefully a triathlete once I have perfected my swimming because my lifelong dream is to complete a Full Ironman race which takes super human strength to complete and I would love to be amongst the select few that have the ability to do that.