THRESHHold® Sports Ambassadors

Maxed Elite joins the THRESHHold Ambassador family

We are extremely proud to welcome the Maxed Elite running team to the Threshhold family!

This professional team of elite runners drawn from across Africa has chosen Threshhold as one of their supplements to help them train, race and recover better and faster this year. Every competitive runner knows the name ‘Maxed Elite’. The team was first established by Mr Price in 1995 and over the years its runners have blazed an impressive trail through the annual marathon calendar, racking up numerous gold medals in the Comrades Marathon as well as in countless other races around SA.

While many talented runners dream of earning a place on this high-performance team, only the crème de la crème get to claim that honour. And with honour comes duty. Together with their coaches, these professional runners devote all their time to an intensive, gruelling training programme built utilising the best techniques and tools that deliver optimal physical training, recovery, nutrition, race strategy and mental strength. For the Maxed Elite runner, there’s only one goal – to be the best.

We are thrilled to be working with this sensational team!