Immune Support

Weakened immunity can occur when the body lacks functional balance. Sulphur, an active component of THRESHHold®, supports restorative balance for the immune system. It may help improve resistance to viruses and toxic substances, resulting in a stronger immune response.

As a concentrated source of dietary sulphur, THRESHHold® may help reduce oxidative damage and promote healthy metabolic functions to support a healthy immune response


THRESHHold® helps sustain the critical role of cell regeneration that is necessary for healthy immunity.


Sulphur-containing MSM benefits cellular detoxification to encourage optimum health.


THRESHHold® contains concentrated levels of sulphur that are essential for glutathione production.

Nature’s Healing Mineral

Sulphur-containing THRESHHold® benefits the immune system by maintaining cell regeneration and absorbency. For cells to maintain optimum function, the cell walls must remain flexible. Without this properly functioning structure, the immune system will eventually deteriorate.
Sulphur is key to the production of glutathione. Glutathione is a critical antioxidant that has a crucial role in stimulating natural killer cells and white blood cells. It also helps regenerate other antioxidants to inhibit oxidative damage. Concentrated levels of sulphur in THRESHHold® effectively encourage glutathione vitality.
Though certain foods contain sulphur (garlic, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage), this mineral can be easily destroyed through cooking and food processing. This means most people do not get enough sulphur in their diet for optimal health. THRESHHold® can help replenish the intake of dietary sulphur to support healthy immunity.